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All Aboard, the event!


Hey everybody, hope you enjoyed the show yesterday! Rainy sundays aren't
good for any sort of launches, but the turn out was still fantastic and super fun! Here are
shots from the show. If you haven't been, I suggest you go. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Billy Kidd.

A bit of the crowd. There was no seats left downstairs it was so busy!

The awesome people who attended the show.

DOSS BLOCKOS! We ran out of DB's beer in under two hours, I think
that's a record... Mmm, Doss Blockos... Unfortunately the boys couldn't come
down to paint at the show. For what it's worth, we thought your brew was delicious!

Bar. I forgot to give them tips. Oops. When I go back in I will, because
honestly, all the employees were incredibly nice, welcoming and helpful.
If I could exhibit there all the time I would. I love Grumpy's Green!

The legends that were dancing to The Isenbergs! I love you two!

The crowd, part two!

Some of the artists.

More soon!
Cheers; Amz.

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