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All Aboard, the event!


Hey everybody, hope you enjoyed the show yesterday! Rainy sundays aren't
good for any sort of launches, but the turn out was still fantastic and super fun! Here are
shots from the show. If you haven't been, I suggest you go. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Billy Kidd.

A bit of the crowd. There was no seats left downstairs it was so busy!

The awesome people who attended the show.

DOSS BLOCKOS! We ran out of DB's beer in under two hours, I think
that's a record... Mmm, Doss Blockos... Unfortunately the boys couldn't come
down to paint at the show. For what it's worth, we thought your brew was delicious!

Bar. I forgot to give them tips. Oops. When I go back in I will, because
honestly, all the employees were incredibly nice, welcoming and helpful.
If I could exhibit there all the time I would. I love Grumpy's Green!

The legends that were dancing to The Isenbergs! I love you two!

The crowd, part two!

Some of the artists.

More soon!
Cheers; Amz.


Photography Update: Tom Wilson


Tom Wilson has been busy with some kitschy photography the last few days,
and has completed photographing his series of plasticine men... dinosaur.

Here's a little peek at his models:

I (Amz) made Yellow-Man. I couldn't help myself!

They tote tiny skateboards and get up to mischief! Tom has always been a fan
of claymation and incorporated this into his pieces. I must say, the photos are
pretty damn sweet!

That's all for now. See you soon,



You BEAT us to it!


Quick update, I'm not on my usual console so I can't give you
a huge spiel with loads of pics, but I can tell you that our
exhibition will soon be featured in BEAT magazine, and that we are 
currently on their website, Click here to view our article, 
BEAT you are a neat bunch of nifty noodles.

Due date soon, artists make your final amendments,
 bands tune up and guests put on your finest shoes!
You'll need them at our shindig.

- Amz.


WIP Boards & Live Painting Announcement!


How's y'all? Looking forward to the show, I hope, I certainly am.
Here are a couple of WIP shots of Taras Semenenko's board and
Scat (Matt Scariot)'s board! Hope you dig...

Here's Taras' board...

Dry brushing, stenciling and a bit of effort goes a long way.

Here's what Scat's been up to, an accompanying piece to frame
the board~ I love it, how about you?

That's all for now, more soon! I have been upto a second
board that is almost photograph-able. Haha. 

Also, exciting news! Our live painting is going to be done by
the artist/s of DOSS BLOCKOS! Come down in the avo and check them
out! Here's a video of what they're about, and their skills...

See you soon,


Board Updates:


Another quickie! Second one today... c;

Fabian Hernandez's lineart for his Quetzalcoatl board.
Sorry about the quality, it was an impromptu photo-shoot
in his boudoir whilst we were having birthday drinks.

Amz Kelso's completed board, just a little snippit
to leave you wanting more of the 
gold-paint and acrylic-gemmed goodness.
More pics up on her blog TWINKLE.

Stephanie Kelso's pretty turquoise deck, 
donated by our friend Frances,
is being transformed into a battleground of 
gun-slingin' proportions.

More updates soon!

~ Amz.

Board Updates, Keen on Keane's Cuts!


Behold the talent of Shannon Keane, master wood-cutter
and illustratory genius:

You can tell this is going to be one of the most innovative pieces
at our show.  The sheer amount of cutting and sanding is ridiculous,
and if you check out his blog you will see that he is not a shabby
painter either, (unlike myself). Can't wait to see it up at the show!

That's about all for now, more updates soon,
exciting sponsorship and promotional things are happening,
including cheap beer, graffiti artists, printing discounts and magazines.




Wip 2, and Artist Announcements ROUND 3!

Hey all! Proud to announce the final lot of artists
for the show! Just a few more primary and secondary artists I've yet 
to announce on the blog (their names are on our fb event, unfortunately 
I don't have sample pictures for all of them) and some board updates! 

So here we go...

Fine arts student at ACU and aspiring set designer,
(This link is old, but at least you get a sampler!)

The 3d modelling, concept designing powerhosue,

Studying a BA at RMIT, talented emerging photographer,
skater and (our) event photographer,

Along with...

Writer and casual photographer, TOM WILSON.

Fine arts student at ACU, ELEANOR JOSE.

Local Artist MATT SCARIOT.

And now, some board updates...

Kitty Poduska has been working hard, here is one of two
of her boards that will be featured at Grumpy's:

Here is another update from Fabian Hernandez, he has
some lineart done up and will soon be rendered with Posca markers:

Last but not least the very busy, Lachlan Millard, has yet to do
much other than sand his board... regardless, you know whatever
he does is going to be neat as:

And that's about all right now. More photos will be up soon, until
then check out the newly announce artists' blogs and have a looksee
at the talented bunches of people we have in our show.

See you @ Grumpy's in just a few weeks!