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About Amitty Studios...

Hello, and Welcome to Amitty Studios' OFFICIAL BLOG.
Here's a little run down on who, what and where we're all about.

It all started with two ladies meeting in an Illustration course in 2009. Their names were Amz and Kittyand they decided that they were friends during orientation (really, that's how it happened. We just decided!). Little did Amz and Kitty know that they wouldsoon become best friends, and become intensely dedicated to their work andthe work that they did together. Soon, they decided that the only way to trap the other into staying friends forever was to create a Studio together, and after the name Amitty was created, there was little holding them back. Amz and Kitty are dedicated to creating and curating exhibitions all over Melbourne, as any emerging artist would know the cost of Gallery hire alone can easily skyrocket upto $1000, so what we hope to achieve is group shows without the ridiculous costs. We love coming up with new ideas for exhibitions and including all our friends, we source venues, create the promotional work, source sponsors and enlist bands! That's right, just two ladies doing all of that! It is a labor of love, and luckily we have some amazing friends who are always willing to help us out and cut costs to create a feasible show that everyone can enjoy around some of Melbourne's greatest hotspots.

We are lucky enough to be working with CRAZY LIKE FOX, a wonderful team of Creative Packagers. They have been a massive help in organizing live music for our shows. 

If you're interested in becoming a part of our shows, contact, we are always having callouts for artists. We love to network, and to put you in touch with great artists who can help you out. Whether you are a band or musician, photographer, illustrator, fine artists, promoter,animator, sculptor, designer, we have a space for you both in our Studio's little beating heart and on our Exhibition walls.