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Announce that Artist!

Hello Crew!

Just an update on the progress so far...
we aren't able to announce ALL the artists yet, but
I can give you a taste of who'll be on board!
They are not only some of my favourite people,
but they're also some of the most talented emerging
artists in Melbourne today...

Me, Myself, and I. Curator and Digital Illustrator...

He has created some of the trippiest walk cycles in animation history
whilst staying one of NMIT's fave lecturers. He is an all round neat guy...

He tags everything that moves, this digital and traditional artist is
soon to become your favourite Chilean export...

An illustration powerhouse, rocking digital, traditional and 3-dimensional
art, she is the neatest lady I know and my partner in crime...

With his bold and adorable style, this Bairnsdale illustrator is sure
to knock your fluffy, alpaca socks off. Just don't make him mad, he'll hulk out...

AWWW SHIT! Graff, traditional and digital art?! It could only be...

More artists will be announced soon, 
so keep on keepin' on... checkin'!

In other news we are short of boards (boo!) so get off
your giant porpoise and help us out! You can contact if you have a board to donate,
your name will go on our thank you list and in our hearts.
Also, check out that neat poll just to the left on this post!
We are having an 100 day poll to ask YOU what you want to
see us do next! Click on whatever suits you taste.

I'm off to sand decks with a belt sander. Neat!

- Amz.

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