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Artists ROUND 2 and sanding boards!


Welcome to the Artist Announcement ROUND TWO!
Here are a couple more artists who'll be appearing in the April
2011 All Aboard show. They are super talented artists and
very dear friends:

A mural-painting, dvd-sorting machine, he is incredibly talented
with a spraycan and markers, the illustrator and street artist...


An enigma of a male, why is he so damned beautiful but
not a model!? Maybe it's because he is just too good at painting
fine art and sketching in biro. The picture-perfect painter...



In other news, I am minus three boards as I passed a couple
decks onto Kitty Poduska and Shannon Keane. I sanded
those babies back and prepped them to be painted on! Just
goes to show a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way,
here's me with my new best friend, the belt sander.

That was before I found the wrench to take the wheels off,
life was a lot harder in that brief 15m of sanding.
Thank goodness my Dad came to the rescue and I was finally
able to sand it properly! Here are a couple of before and after
shots of the boards...

We went to town.

My little dog refused to leave the shot. She wanted to
feel involved, I think. I tried to teach her how to skate but
I'm not too good of a teacher myself so I don't think she learnt
much. I think she needs lessons... anyone want to offer their skills?

Keep tuned to this space as we'll shortly be announcing
the live bands that will be playing in our creative extravaganza!
Our partners CLF have been wonderfully helpful in sourcing
the most incredibly people to be a part of ALL ABOARD's live music.
Anyway, more updates later! I have boards to source and sand,
sponsors to ring, emails to send and designing to do!

All the best... Stay classy, planet Earth.

- Amz.


  1. Howdy amigo! Kitty gave me one of those lovely boards last night, thank you for the prep work! I have an idea for it already. I will be fusing and cutting boards, and of course spraying boards. Looking forward to the show, and all future Amitty Adventures!

  2. No problem buddy, glad to do it. I really enjoy using belt sanders haha... Make sure to take lots of photos of your process so I can see it & post it on the bloooog! :3

  3. Hey dudes, it's frances (kat schems mate) just seeing if you wanted a couple of brand new decks for anything? One side's natural and the other is blue stain. I bought them a while back and have only used a couple so I'm more than happy to donate them to the cause. Let me know