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WIP Boards & Live Painting Announcement!


How's y'all? Looking forward to the show, I hope, I certainly am.
Here are a couple of WIP shots of Taras Semenenko's board and
Scat (Matt Scariot)'s board! Hope you dig...

Here's Taras' board...

Dry brushing, stenciling and a bit of effort goes a long way.

Here's what Scat's been up to, an accompanying piece to frame
the board~ I love it, how about you?

That's all for now, more soon! I have been upto a second
board that is almost photograph-able. Haha. 

Also, exciting news! Our live painting is going to be done by
the artist/s of DOSS BLOCKOS! Come down in the avo and check them
out! Here's a video of what they're about, and their skills...

See you soon,

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