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Wip 2, and Artist Announcements ROUND 3!

Hey all! Proud to announce the final lot of artists
for the show! Just a few more primary and secondary artists I've yet 
to announce on the blog (their names are on our fb event, unfortunately 
I don't have sample pictures for all of them) and some board updates! 

So here we go...

Fine arts student at ACU and aspiring set designer,
(This link is old, but at least you get a sampler!)

The 3d modelling, concept designing powerhosue,

Studying a BA at RMIT, talented emerging photographer,
skater and (our) event photographer,

Along with...

Writer and casual photographer, TOM WILSON.

Fine arts student at ACU, ELEANOR JOSE.

Local Artist MATT SCARIOT.

And now, some board updates...

Kitty Poduska has been working hard, here is one of two
of her boards that will be featured at Grumpy's:

Here is another update from Fabian Hernandez, he has
some lineart done up and will soon be rendered with Posca markers:

Last but not least the very busy, Lachlan Millard, has yet to do
much other than sand his board... regardless, you know whatever
he does is going to be neat as:

And that's about all right now. More photos will be up soon, until
then check out the newly announce artists' blogs and have a looksee
at the talented bunches of people we have in our show.

See you @ Grumpy's in just a few weeks!


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