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WIP Reports One:


Hey Team, things have been a little
slow on the blog but here's a pick me up!
I have some photos of processes sent
to us by just a one other artist, it's not much
just yet but it will be soon, I have the others
flashing cameras away at their boards.

For now, here's just a sample of what
have been upto....





And that was six hours of work. Another six and
we will have something worth exhibiting. 
That was the board of Amz Kelso.

Here's the minimalist work of Fabian Hernandez:



I know it's not much but he has been a busy bee,
so we should forgive him and not break his kneecaps
when he comes to my place for pizza this Friday.

Another update will happen in the next few days,
as well as a potential artist announcement. 

Stay Tuned~


1 comment:

  1. That looks damn awesome! I had a similar idea lucky I didn't follow it through D:
    I can't wait to see what everyone has done. I sanded mine on the weekend, BOTH sides, was so hard cause all the grip tape glue stuck hard!
    So excited to start painting yay! What an awesome idea this show is :)
    Love from mash :)